People from all walks of life and differing backgrounds consider therapy for any number of reasons at different times in their lives.
Therapy is a collaborative process between the person seeking help and myself, and is suitable for anyone wishing to develop greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of their relationship with others.

I will use our relationship to help you discover and develop new ways of approaching your life. I will listen to you and make observations whilst at the same time looking at what goes on between us, as this provides pointers to what might be going on unconsciously.

This typically lasts for just over an hour and is free of charge. It is my aim to be open and available to anyone who wants to speak to me about the problems they are encountering. You will have the opportunity to tell me what is worrying you. I won’t judge or criticise you and everything we talk about will be completely confidential. You also have the time to decide if you would like to begin therapy with me. We will decide together if it is appropriate to go ahead and arrange a regular time to meet and agree the fee. The establishment of regular sessions is important to facilitate and give momentum to the therapeutic process. Most people find that regular contact provides a sense of security and continuity whilst they are working through their difficulties.

Fees for follow up sessions are typically from £65. This can be discussed at the initial consultation. You will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for those cancelled by me.

Time limited work would normally last between 10 and 16 sessions – the period to be agreed at the initial consultation. This allows a specific goal to be formulated and worked with.

Open-ended work lasts for varying lengths of time and the initial consultation is an important opportunity to explore this. On-going work allows time for deeper issues to emerge.

Most clients prefer the latter as we don’t always know the source of the problem until we have worked together for a while.

It is important to set up and keep to a regular weekly time slot. Sessions are 50 minutes long.
Therapy involves talking in a safe, calm and confidential place. I invite you to share how you feel about things – whether its yourself, relationships, circumstances or life in general – so the problems you are facing now can be thought and talked about freely together as and when you are ready. I will help you explore connections between these present feelings and actions and past events.

I aim to attend closely to whatever you bring to your sessions in order that together we may try to understand the less conscious aspects of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours – all of which may be contributing to the suffering and distress you are currently experiencing. At times, I may explore how some of the emotional difficulties you bring to therapy may be experienced in your relationship with me, thus enabling us to experience and attend to areas of emotional conflict first hand, and to work on them in an immediate way.

Gaining insight into the nature of underlying emotional conflicts can bring relief, and opens up the possibility of changing unhelpful patterns which were previously repeated without awareness. Gradually a greater degree of self understanding can be achieved, enabling you to find more appropriate ways of being and coping with difficulties.

  • Offering a reliable and confidential relationship
  • Providing support during times of crisis and transition
  • Deepening awareness of you and your relationships
  • Offering a safe space that you can speak about feelings that worry or frighten you
  • Making sense of recurring problems and exploring links with the past.
  • Challenging repeating and unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviours so that we are released from them to be ourselves
There are times when acknowledging feelings that may previously have been avoided can be painful and leave you feeling down or depressed. This is where the relationship with me and a commitment to the process is important so we can work through these feelings together and move beyond them to a more fulfilled sense of self.
Therapy promotes the clients’ understanding of themselves. Once the initial concerns and difficulties begin to be understood and make sense, then the therapy usually moves into exploring how these difficulties can form patterns in experience. They often manifest in the relationship with the therapist and we can then work through them together.