About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between the person seeking help and myself. Rather than simply offering advice or reassurance, I aim to help you think about yourself and relationships differently. This process can be helpful to anyone who wishes to develop greater self-awareness and a better understanding of their relationship with others, both past and present.

People from all walks of life seek help for many different reasons. Sometimes there is a specific issue, such as the breakdown of a relationship, a bereavement or problems in the workplace. In these cases I offer short-term focused work depending on your individual needs.

Sometimes difficulties are more complex and deep-rooted and have built up over a long period of time, often having been established in childhood. These may present in less focused ways such as generalised feelings of anxiety or sustained periods of low mood. These issues often require a longer time to understand and work through and in such cases I offer support on an open-ended basis.

Our work can sometimes be a challenge requiring commitment to engage with and work through difficult feelings, as well as extremely rewarding and cathartic as you are helped to think about and explore your own life experience. With deeper levels of self-understanding comes greater inner strength and increased ability to face life’s challenges and make the right choices for you. Psychotherapy is an opportunity for you to think about your life, who you are, and where you fit in.

How can Psychotherapy help me?

Many of us will experience anxiety, depression and other problems at some point in our lives and the help of family and friends is often enough to get us through. Sometimes, however, the difficulties persist, causing stress and unhappiness at home and at work. If this sounds familiar, then psychotherapy may be the best way forward. I have experience working with difficulties such as:

  •  Finding work overwhelming
  •  Feeling stressed, anxious or panicky
  •  Making good relationships
  •  Feelings of depression, low self esteem or emptiness
  •  Coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, separation or divorce
  •  Managing the effects of trauma or abuse
  •  Feelings of loneliness or isolation
  •  Obsessional thinking
  •  Sexual concerns
  •  Struggling with family conflicts
  •  Feeling burdened by shame or guilt
  •  Battling addiction
  •  Feeling high levels of anger and aggression

Psychotherapy explained