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Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an opportunity to explore recurring patterns of behaviour, especially in relationships, which may be repeated in the consulting room. It recognises problems and distress in the present may have originated in early life experiences and be rooted in parts of our minds which remain largely unconscious. Our relationship takes on a central importance in revealing how early relationships may have compromised the ability to relate now. Understanding this is a step towards changing self-perception, awareness and relationships and can allow life to be lived with greater clarity of thought and feeling processes. This type of therapy acknowledges we don’t always know why or how we do feel about certain things, or indeed how we get into the situations we do.

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Psychodynamic psychotherapy is particularly helpful to people who wish to understand themselves and their difficulties more deeply, rather than only seeking symptom control. It focuses on a person’s conceptualisation of their life, their relationships to others, their capacity to tolerate affect, to feel more emotionally alive, to understand themselves and others in nuanced ways, to live life with greater freedom and flexibility, to clarify reasons for living, their values, ambitions and expectations for life. It can be particularly helpful when experiencing deeper seated problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Trauma and Losses
    such as Bereavement, Divorce or Redundancy
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Eating Disorders
  • Recurring Problems of Long Duration



One of the healthiest and most responsible choices a person can make at times like these is speaking to a therapist. The therapeutic process enables a person to come to a richer knowledge of themselves, thus enhancing their life and living it more fully, as well as helping them to find ways through their difficulties.

Jane Moss Psychotherapist Guernsey